Randy Deshaies


Nature claims energy cannot be created or destroyed. And that energy exists in everything with the ability to do work once it is unlocked. Work is defined as a product of distance, mass, and acceleration. Where the distance is the dance floor,

mass is the people getting down, and acceleration is the Music coming from the DJ booth. So where does Randy’s energy come from?

Randy’s energy comes from a deep love for house music and the obsession to consistently apply that energy to every event and dance floor he is involved in. A love that developed in the later part of the 90s, inspired by such DJs and Producers as; Doc Martin, Josh Wink, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, and Little Louie Vega.

Known as the hardest working promoter in Boston, Randy has built a reputation on quality house music. Consistently providing Boston with the best underground house music in the area and applying those same principals in his DJ sets.

Randy, along with two close friends, developed Marz Entertainment in the summer of 1998 with the vision of revamping the local house scene. Four years later and countless hours of hard work, Randy and Marz Entertainment is making a serious impact in Boston. From the small house parties and one-off events in the beginning, to the first collaboration with mentors and friends, the ShadowKings, called TOUCH (which featured some of the biggest Producers, DJs, and Artists in deep house, including: DJ Spen, Mateo & Matos, Julius Papp, Ron Trent, and many more). To the first primetime weekly event, BREATHE, every Friday night at Hibernia (featured: DJ Spun, Neil Aline, Jay-J, Andrew Macari, Master D). To the current event BUMP.

The new millennium has seen the emergence of Marz Entertainment as a leader. 2002 in particular, has introduced Randy as a DJ. Holding residencies at Hibernia, Phoenix Landing, Pravda 116, Limbo Lounge, the Regulars loft parties, and the infamous Summer Boat Cruise Parties. Exerting every ounce of his love and energy, which dissipates through every set.

As the new year approach quickly, Randy’s drive and determination grows along with his love for the music and this city. If this city has a diamond in the rough, we think we found it in Randy Deshaies.


06.27.04 Phoenx Landing Boat Cruise Party
07.18.04 bump @ Phoenix Landing w/ JOSHUA aka IZ (San Francisco)
07.21.04 Violation @ club Q, Boston w/ Bradford James (Seed Recordings)
08.27.04 Evolve 5 @ Nova Scotia, Canada (www.evolvefestival.com)
09.05.04 bump @ phoenix landing w/ Olivier Desmet (San Francisco)
09.08.04 violation @ club Q, Boston w/ George Nessis & Osheen
09.09.04 thursday @ red door lounge, Portsmouth, NH
09.10.04 Avaland @ Avalon, Boston w/ JT DONALDSON & LANCE DESARDI (SF)
09.11.04 Revolver @ 135 pearl, Burlington, VT
09.13.04 Weekly Wax @ river gods, Boston w/ Mike Walsh
09.25.04 Wicked Sky @ disclosed location
10.10.04 bump @ Phoenix Landing, Boston w/ Sergio Santos
10.16.04 Virgin D Sessions @ Virgin Mega Store, Boston
10.22.04 Avaland @ Avalon, Boston w FELIX Da HOUSECAT
11.04.04 Freak Out @ O’Neills Brass Rail, New London, CT
11.14.04 bump @ Phoenix Landing w/ Soul Clap (Boston)
12.10.04 Orbit @ Rise, Boston w/ Sergio Santos (Boston)
12.17.04 Avaland @ Avalon, Boston w/ DOC MARTIN (LA)
12.18.04 Dover Soul @ Dover, NH w/ Ryan Garrett
12.25.04 A Very Bumpy X-Mas @ Phoenix Landing
12.26.04 bump @ Phoenix Landing w/ KC Hallet (Boston)
12.31.04 NYE @ Rise, Boston


bump – phoenix landing, cambridge, MA
prescrition – toast lounge, cambridge, MA (Jan 2004 – Apr 2004)
orange – the kells, brighton, MA (Dec 2003 – Mar 2004)
low light lounge – orleans, sommerville, MA (Oct 2003 – May 2004)
limbo – limbo lounge, boston, MA (Nov 2002 – Feb 2003)
chemistry – pravda 116, boston, MA (Sept 2002 – Oct 2002)
breathe – hibernia, boston, MA (Sept 2001 – June 2002)


Aug Charts

01 Johnny Fiasco – Cielo Y – Trailer Park
02 Mark Farina – Dream Machine (DJ Fluid mix) – OM
03 Greenskeepers – Go (Daddy J & Troydon mix) – Greenskeepers
04 Lawnchair Generals – Tell You Something (dub) – Westbound
05 Unknown – One Night in Long Beach – unknown
06 JT Donaldson – Movin’ Around – Amenti
07 Putsch’ 79 – Kisses – Putsch
08 Greenskeepers – Forget Mine – Greenskeepers
09 J-Rod ft. Adina Welch – Work – Flat & Round
10 Killing Hannah – I Wanna Be a Kennedy (BJ re-edit) – unknown
11 Acid Habbits – The Theme – Select
12 Arvid – Try (Landshark mix) – Naked Music
13 Mood Rotation – Getting Started (Spettro mix) – So Sound
14 Married Men present – Hoes in Different Area Codes – Igloo
15 Troydon – Fire Escape – Gallery Music Company
16 Abe Duque – What Happened – Abe Duque
17 John Dahlback – Wait For Love (Lance Desardi mix) – Dessous
18 Demarkus Lewis – Make it nasty – Aesoteric
19 Community Housin’ – How Fly? So Fly? – Flygaric Tracks
20 Matthew Dear – Dog Days – Spectral
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